Gladiators in Our Myst

The grizzly old veteran wrestler seems to be down and out,  yet inspired the cheers of the crowd,  the old grappler reached back and overcome all odds.   He was enervated by a cacophony of theater.   Grown men’s soap operas and scripted legends.

Some however can remain forever the hero.   The Rybacks and Nature Boyz charm the pants off the fairer sex as panties fly like snow flurries and self-indulgent men moan in jealousy.

John Cena is a bit of an enigma.   He is handsome,  ripped is an understatement and he is a marketing wonder.   As much as Vince McMahon would want to make him the occasional villan,  that is a hard sell.   Why, because you cannot see him.   Somehow by waving his hand,  he has us all mesmorized.

While the male fan wants to be him,  the ladies want to be WITH him.   It is kind of like let’s say,  Sebastian Bach.  Even as a guy I could honestly say he was beautiful.   He was far  beyond handsome.    The problem with hair bands is many men were jealous and I think it was hilarious.

Or even Steve Perry,   just his voice alone stirred many a woman’s emotional plateaus.  Finally the woman was able to think of someone else during sex.   And men are always doing that.   I enter into evidence this:  Sister Christian,   Jennifer Love Hewitt..  It’s her body, her life..  lol

Far removed from the Days of Disney,  she has grown special body parts that stir men and make us all crazy,     She has that kind of sex appeal that is at once sexy but abstractly innocent.  You will notice in Hollywood this penchant for virtual date rape.   The once innocent teen bares her breasts as an adult and the cycle is complete. 

Then men called her bad names like ho,  whore,  bitch and then I go off.    I know even for women there is that part of it,  where hormones crack like Jiffy Pop and lurid innuendos are rife and unrelenting.     The anticlimax is arousal sans satisfaction and I guarantee you this is as far as I go.

But back to the WWE,  Cena and contrived story lines.   There’s one guy who repeatedly says yes and the crowd eggs him and he gets angry.   I just hope those are so into this stuff,  I pray they do not think its’ real and some of these people are not dumb.   Oh yeah some are,  but that is another drama for another time.

Now to be honest I do dislike shows on Lifetime because in my jaded opinion,   men are exposed who they really are and it makes me uncomfortable.   If anything I might watch some TV but I would rather read, write of breed,  w/o a resultant pregnancy.

And sometimes I worry about my wit.    It is usually quick sans Vicodin and Naproxen.   I guess I could always take it while watching Lifetime Movies.    And have you ever experienced people who watch with undivided attention.  Okay that might make sense if it were like Monk or something you have to follow closely.   But no,   these cro-magnons are spell bound by Lizard Lick.   Come on Man!!!!

I know I am guilty of using cliches like the word,  ‘like’.  <—  see what I did?  Oh and that is patented.  If you try to do that,   Imperial Storm troopers will raid your house and Janet Reno belches in contempt.    We don’t need no stink badges!!!

Now that you all bored to tears,  I am going to watch Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone.  Where was she when I was babysit?   I remember one night babysitting for my parent’s friends.   I was in heaven because they had Cable TV,!!!

They me a lot of snacks.   So I watched the Knicks game and NY Rangers hockey..   I was playing games and living it up.    I also pretended to be a rock.  Not The Rock but a pebble if you must ask.

Oh my goodness did I get sick.   I was ninety pounds with a shock of red hair.   I got called Opie a lot and my hair was kind of wiry and light.    I should grown an afro and like Chevy Chase in Fletch,   pretending to be a star basketball player.  At the end of the night I would hit the winning shot and my girlfriend ( she didn’t know I existed) would want to make out.   It’s gets old when you cheat on one of your hands..   Scandalous. 

My mom loves to read the National Enquirer.   She told me once,  she can and I agreed,  Afterall my dad did to her,  it was ok to live vicariously through scandalous fishwrap.

Anyway time for my straightjacket.  I prefer the ones have the Dr. Denton’s thing going on.



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