Our paradise.

It is easy to lose your way in the dark,   where switches from trees sting us in surprise even through our jeans.   As it starts to rain your hair becomes matted to your face,  revealing a beauty that only the sparkle of moisture can reveal.

Later on as the water drips from the trees,  we hear a steady pitter patter upon leave strewn earth.   Birds now begin to fly,  feeding on unfortunate prey also trying to stretch their legs.


I grab your soft hands and you receive them openly and without reservation.  In my touch you feel the strength of us.  Completed by an agreement and codified in our hearts.   The cardinals alight on tree limbs and sing their ballads which echo like sirens past the fog and through the woods.

A light snow begins to fall,  the marginal coldness stands aside as we enjoy the soft caressing winds that neither push us,  this way or that or make us cold.  Rather they warm inexplicably we move without sound,  past the trolls which cannot even see us.

The shelter of snow begins to accumulate like the years resolved in footsteps on a virgin snow;.

We begin to see some light,  but it is still far off.   We can wander willingly,  trusting each other or go it alone.  He who lays their clothes upon the ground without knowing is sure to lose them but plant the seed deep enough it springs life and generations.

The winter winds are abated by the boughs which are untouched,  like a protective hand that clutches us like our own hands each other.

Light and darkness conspire willingly and we melt into each other.  By day and by night.  We are as faceted as V V S diamond with a shimmer reserved for only us.  Forever.



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