Monday’s Weather Columbus Day 2013


Weather is on it’s own a system of checks and balances.   Not only by surface features but things happening above the surface.    Lately over North Carolina a low pressure area occurred near Cape Hatteras.   Usually these systems are relatively short-lived and do not cause the kind of weather we have experienced over North Carolina and into New England.

Again what you see above here is the Jet Stream Analysis,  denoting where the winds are,  how strong and what can be expected downstream.   So for the next day or so,   we will continue with mostly cloudy to overcast skies and somewhat cooler temperatures than were expected.

As you can see with the Surface Weather Map and the Jet Streams you can get a rough estimate of what is happening out there and where it may be going.      The near Central portions of the USA will some heavier and unusually strong weather for this time of year.


The system over the Central USA seems to be well supported and the precip areas depicted in green indicate where the rain is and will be and how much in tenths of an inch.   The darkest green areas signify higher precipitation amounts are expected to be,.  Below


Near Minnesota this system is a snow maker while the areas on green are mostly rain or a combination of liquid and frozen precipitation.    As the system over the Carolinas weakens and moves off another strong storm system will approach the Eastern States and a big snow forecast for New England and adjacent areas of the Northeast.

By days 4 and 5 from now not much is forecasted to change and by day 7 however the weather across the Central USA should be at least drier.    Day 4 and 5 below.




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