Abdicating Reason

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation nor does truth become error because no one sees it.”   Mahatma Gandhi“.

I have internalized some faulty ideas that concern me and while I am confident that I can untangle a lot of it,  there are parts I find hard to reconcile.   And this is not exclusive to me and because suffering is so wide spread,   it is ironic to think that any man has all the answers,   let alone a few and let alone for all other people.

There will never be an utopia on Earth and while certain forms of government are more conducive to a life where we make our own choices and live by our values.    You know philosophers used our lives for the sake of an experiment and those of us lucky enough not to live in fascist state we are most fortunate.

And tinhorn despots tell us elaborate but interesting lies.     In the meantime wars (not fought by them) are waged and people like to ring their hands and say it is not our problem.   I resent any man making that determination for me and anyone who feels as I feel.    Noting that nothing is ever new under the sun,   how dare one man try to make this world his own oasis?

Great men and despots have all had the master key to happiness but at the end of the day most only had their own narrow interests at heart.   This leaves me as cynical and it should leave you feeling that way as well.   Perhaps you have found a way to make sense and get by and live on your own terms or the terms of others,  in effect buying into a program of beliefs where you can live relatively unhindered.

Isn’t enough to live with your own lies and deceptions than to add the lies of others.    Trust very few who say they have our best interest at heart.     Either they are pugilists for Christ or a god or their own desires.    People swoon like teens at a rock concert where men with straps on their shoulders and a quiver microphone wax poetically and even more sense and can  be taken more seriously.

That version of the Lion Sleeps Tonight is hilarious and kind of shocking at the same time but you know my friends it is a cautionary tale.    That adorable Asian girl turns out to be crazy is so funny especially how innocent acting she was.   The Lion sleeps but watch out when she wakes up.  lol

And who are these people?  They are Hitler and Stalin,  Pol Pot and Binny Hinn.   If you read what they read they say you realize that contradictions.      Here is my bottom line with it all.   It is a perfect day to laugh and you do not need a six pack for that.   Though it certainly wouldn’t hurt.     While these politicians levy taxes called health care and men fight over women’s wombs, it is really one grand hoax,   Live now and laugh or wonder why sour groups is your swan song.

Hey I have a very cool idea.   You know where those metalheads on That Metal Show lament the Rock and Roll’s Hall of fame exclusion of K.I.S.S.   the ladies like Steve Perry and Journey.   There is a message in their somewhere.   Maybe us guys like to thrash but our ladies are thinking something else.   Maybe it means that some of these silly political arguments are in vain and the woman can do that behind closed doors.


Hey!!!   Have a damn good day!!! OK?





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