Sunday’s Weather 101313 11AM

Weather in the central US is typical for Spring along with the warming temperatures.   The east coast has been under the influence of a Low Pressure Are that is weakening and moving eastward.   The Central USA has a lot rain forecast with the potential for rain and or storms.


This chart basically describes the weather precipitation-wise across the USA.   The forecast for the next couple days or so will be very active with the threat of some heavy weather and perhaps some severe.


Looks like this may be a very active snow season and possibly across the southeast as well.   The basic issue there is cold air from the Polar Region and the warm moist air that is circulated over top the cold air mass.   This is called the Arctic Oscillation Pattern.


During the last Winter Olympics,   we have a reversal where that cold air drove south and left the Canada region with warmer than normal temperatures and remember these fluxes are not necessarily driven by any kind of climate change caused by man and if anyone tries to tell you different,  they have an agenda.

The above link can be pasted into your internet browser and you can get a more detailed look at what these systems do and how it affects winter weather.  Remember,   weather is cyclical.    Highs and Lows come and go while semi-permanent systems migrate around in a particular area like the Bermuda High.   This too can affect storm tracks and create mid-latitude cyclones that can dump huge snow falls across the entire southeast and especially the Cape Hatteras Low on the NC coastal region.

Wave patterns and jet streams are the virtual highways of storm systems.   If you see a front off the coast of Oregon and that region you will be experiencing a snow event over the Rockies,  this time of year.


The chart here is the 300MB (30,000) feet winds and the shaded areas represent Jet Stream winds and you can see the western USA has a deep trough,  in otherwords Low Pressure and low pressure equals weather whether is be rain,  snow or high winds for example.




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