Hero comes standard

Men in uniform are often described as serious, strict, firm and dangerous , but I would describe him as the sweetest, most gentle and most loving person that every woman would wish to have… My friend, my confidante, my hero, my soldier, the love of my life…

I remember signing up.  Leaving from a bus stop in Syracuse as my sister cried.  The war that was raging had slowed to a simmer and was ending.    That didn’t stop hippies and such for spitting on us.  Nor did it escape my notice when people called my dad, a baby killer.   My dad was an Air Force Recruiter.    I also saw firsthand what the war did to many of my friends.   It was kind of like Cheech and Chong’s.  ‘Up in Smoke’.   The military knew that this was coming full circle.  Them sending boys to die while politicians played their games.

Today as I tour the VA hospital,  I see the brokenness and yet a pride that was certainly in low supply during the mid 70s.   And I am not happy when I hear the term ‘gook’.   Even though the men went through hell,  and were taught to kill.  Too often innocents were slain after being hosed by our own troops.  Too many experience exploding babies and women boobytrapped by their own men or VietCong soldiers.   The women raped by both sides of Vietnam and pictures of kids running naked through the streets naked and in terror.  I am sure we never experience that kind of hell for our own children.  That is why we defend our country even though politicians have our blood on their hands.

And don’t think it doesn’t happen in peace time,  In 1981,  Ramstein was bombed by the Bader Meinhof gang and trust me,  collateral damage was not even considered with these acts of terrorism.

Working in the command post and donning chemical warfare gear,  it was a stark reminder of people like Stalin and Hitler and the sociopathic villains of today.   So much water has ran under the bridge.   Countless families mourn even today,  while some protest at funerals of today’s fallen soldier.   Trust me when I tell you this,  but a warrior does not want to kill anyone,  except those maniacs who like inflicting pain.

We are cognizant that they too have families,  so unless they are purely evil,  we get it.   They want to see  to see their kids too and most love them just as much as we do ours.

Just remember,  we didn’t star the fire.

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