Making the News – Jake From Start Farm

This week’s poltroon is none other than the Weiner Man.   By day a scrupulous lawyer (hahahaha) and by night a single digit Lothario with the Midas Touch.   He excites the Major Media with his Tube Snake Boogie once again.  Just when they were boring with Mr. Zimmerman and Trayvon,  they launch into latest cause.

I can imagine soon  that undercover media penises will expose other dangling members.   In a quest for the truth will come out more stories about middle-aged adolescents who can’t keep zipped.    This is all about sex and the media’s fixation the topic because they say,  that is what we want.

In the case of Trayvon,   he was a skittle-toting preteen with a Spiderman Suit,  delivering runaway kittens to their rightful owners.   The objective is to get the scoop on Fox News or PMSNBC.  So it is no wonder they are focusing on the genitalia of a grown  man.

They could however report on black on black violence and murder.   They could call to task,   Mr Sharpton (google Tawana Brawley) and you can see how the players follow a predictable script.   Reverand Al pontificates about Whitey,  while the Reverend JJ,  exploits another industry,  shaking them down for coins.   (And nothing else).

They could report on how the N-Bomb has become more vile than using God’s name in vain.   Can I say,  Allah Damnit or would that be politically incorrect?   Rather than focus on the deficit,   we must keep abreast of what room the Princess is in and the gender of the future King,  er Queen of England.

With this focus on sex,  is it any wonder we have people confused by their own gender?   And while discrimination against ‘gays’ is reprehensible,  it is far more damaging,  undermining the social structure of the military.   For those members who abused women and men,  I have little sympathy.  I had a daughter in the military and I know what I would do to the perps.

But let’s be honest here.   This is not about the hotdog but the condiments.


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