Shopping Cart People; Introductions

Wow, I am, feeling this. I get bored easily and this did not bore me. I am homeless but not in some camp nor will I be sequestered in a camp where the social phobia may be an issue.

Twisty Truth Turned Tales...

The Shopping Cart People

The Camp
The homeless camp was constructed using building materials consisting of other people’s garbage; cast-off goods, rusty shopping carts, torn clothing shreds were strewn to mark rough paths that wound around make shift shelters; clothesline strung and tarp shrouded structures with an occasional patched twenty dollar special nylon dome tent formed neighborhoods. The camp resembled something in between a junk-yard and a circus – bits of color and attempts at domesticity could be seen in a sunflower patch on the roof of one tent and a few pots of dingy green plants set in a semi-circle around the opening to a large tarp and clothesline dwelling. The smell of unwashed clothing and bodies was undercut by another scent: the scent of too many dark thoughts, too many wasted moments slowly passing by; the scent of a feeling past desperation, when desperation itself is a hopeful…

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4 thoughts on “Shopping Cart People; Introductions

  1. Well thank you – I was homeless when I was much younger, by choice mostly, teenage beach bum. This is a story that has been bouncing around in my head for a while and is slowly making its way to the page. I’ll have to remember to add some more to it after I get done with the day job. Thanks for the compliment, I haven’t shared much of my fiction with people so this blog is a bit of an experiment.

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