It’s Nature’s Way (of telling you, somethings wrong)

Look I have nothing wrong with fixing the Earth as far as we are able,  but let’s make sure that other huge polluters,  do their part.     And that’s not to say that we wait to do ours,  but let us cll out those who could care less.

They are where we were and where we never want to go again.   And we do have a lot of work to do in our own back yard.   Disregard for our planet is a callous end game with no winners.   I remember an episode of ‘Twilight Zone’.   The people saw temperatures rising exponentially and when the man character awakens from his dream (delirium caused by a high fever)  the opposite is happening,  the world slipping into an Ice Age.

The episode was ‘The Midnight Sun’ and we have people being alarmed at either prospect and like an attack from Aliens we cannot find the aliens we were scared of.   Like Orson Welles and attack of the Martians and the suggestion by some that they are here and we cannot see them.   It is all about action/reaction or the chicken and the egg or in this sense.  a Microwave or a frozen Pot Pie.

There always seems to be some nefarious Monster of our own imagination seeking to neutralize what we may have.    Enter ‘the politican’!   With their gavel and 90 minute lunches,  they tell people what color their house can be or the the easement on a person’s property.

But still this is all just a backdrop to the finality of being stuck in Amber.    With many there is little chance of seeing the Grand Canyon.   Gourmet fare is a trip to the Double Arches where Happy Meals and disposable income, fight that never ending battle and where obesity inevitably rounds out a person’s waistline.

But we have a global crisis potentially waiting in the wings.    This plague is a two-sided sword where isolation and death is like a weather warning for tornadoes.    The solemn processions spares no one and promises of behaving to God resoundingly beg for redemption.    For the survivors,  a pin prick of consciousness becomes a lulling nightmare and the cracks and refuse along the street remain the same.

Even the rats poke their heads out and see if the coast is clear wishing the cats and other exterminators are elsewhere busy.

By Saliou Samb and Alphonso Toweh

CONAKRY/MONROVIA (Reuters) – Bushmeat – from bats to antelopes, squirrels, porcupines and monkeys – has long held pride of place on family menus in West and Central Africa, whether stewed, smoked or roasted.

A visit to a traditional market in the region assails the senses with a huge variety of forest game – mammal, bird and reptile carcasses smoked and partitioned and the smell of singed animal hair filling the air.

But an outbreak of the deadly Ebola fever in Guinea has rekindled concerns about the health risks of age-old African hunting and eating traditions that bring humans into close contact with wild forest animals.

The World Health Organisation says about 86 suspected cases of Ebola have been reported, with 62 deaths so far. Guinean authorities put the death toll at 63. [ID:nL5N0MN50D]

Experts who have studied the Ebola virus from its discovery in 1976 in Democratic Republic of Congo, then Zaire, say its suspected origin – what they call the reservoir host – is forest bats. Links have also been made to the carcasses of fr

freshly slaughtered animals consumed as bushmeat.

Bats – often served in a spicy stew called “kedjenou” – have long been a favourite in Guinea’s southeastern Forest Zone, the epicentre of the current outbreak. But sales of these and other bushmeat delicacies have now been banned by Guinean authorities fighting the Ebola outbreak.

“We visited the markets in the region and there was no more bat meat on sale,” Colonel Remy Lamah, Minister of Health, said from the area hit by the outbreak, which borders Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Liberia and Sierra Leone, which have reported suspected Ebola deaths, announced similar bans on the sale of bushmeat, spreading alarm and dismay among consumers and the many who make a living from the trade.

A woman stands by a table table selling smoked bush meat at a specialist market in the Yopougon area..


“Our people here eat monkey and bat … we have warned them about eating bushmeat,” said Tolbert G. Nyenswah, a health official in Liberia. “We have warned them about coming into contact with fresh meat. We have also warned them about eating dead animals when they don’t know what killed them.”

In Ivory Coast’s commercial hub Abidjan, signs at the Yopougon bushmeat market still offer rats, porcupine, agouti, squirrels, pangolin and bats “stewed or braised”.

“We’ve heard the announcement and we’re worried because people won’t buy our meat now,” said vendor Sophie Ouattara.

But specialists believe bushmeat bans will be ineffective, not just because of the scale of the traditional trade providing a valuable protein source to millions, but also because the link with Ebola is seen limited to very specific circumstances.

“You will not stop it … I just think it’s futile,” said Bob Swanepoel, a virologist at the University of Pretoria’s Zoonoses Research Unit, who has studied most of Africa’s major outbreaks of Ebola and other similar haemorrhagic fevers like Marburg, Lassa and Crimean-Congo fever.

Swanepoel stressed that according to scientific evidence, the main risk of human infection by Ebola or Marburg is not thought to be from all bushmeat, only from infected animals and only from fresh carcasses.

“If you handle wet meat, there’s a much bigger chance,” he said, saying a 1996 outbreak in Gabon was believed to have been caused by local people eating the still fresh body of a dead chimpanzee they had come across in the forest.

Large primates, like chimpanzees and gorillas, also die from Ebola, Swanepoel said. They are also often killed by bushmeat hunters despite campaigns by international conservation groups battling to ensure their survival.

Swanepoel said cooking and smoking the meat was likely to reduced the chances of infection, but there was still a risk.

Besides local consumption, tonnes of African bushmeat finds its way each year to ethnic restaurants in Paris, Brussels and New York, where members of the African diaspora prize the dishes as a nostalgic treat from home.

In 2009, a Liberian woman caught smuggling baboon, green monkey and warthog meat into New York’s John F. Kennedy airport was sentenced to three years of probation. Prosecutors cited the risk of disease and the need for wildlife conservation.


Despite the fears over bushmeat, Swanepoel says study of Ebola and Marburg outbreaks since 1976 indicate it is close contact with bats in particular that seems to be behind the transmission to humans of the deadly virus that causes vomiting, diarrhoea and both internal and external bleeding.

“Ebola is likely harboured by bats living in the forest,” Swanepoel said, citing suspected Ebola and Marburg infections in Congo, Uganda and Sudan traced to the presence of bats in caves, mines and factories frequented by humans.

This could also explain the dispersion of the outbreaks – Guinea, in the heart of West Africa, is thousands of kilometres away from the site of past outbreaks in Central and East Africa. Swathes of forest cover large parts of West Africa.

“These bats migrate vast distances,” Swanepoel said, adding they could also infect other animals eaten by humans, such as antelopes. Bats are also hunted and consumed by some large animals such as baboons.

Swanepoel said three or four bat species were “under suspicion” for transmitting Ebola and scientists were still trying to pin down the specific reservoir host.

On his desk in Pretoria he keeps a model made of black beads of the Hammerhead Bat, Latin name Hypsignathus Monstrosus, to remind him of a likely carrier of one of the world’s most lethal and feared diseases. “It’s monstrously ugly,” he said.

(Additional reporting by Alain Amontchi in Abidjan and Pascal Fletcher in Johannesburg; Writing by Pascal Fletcher; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

Courtesy of Reuters…………


Oh and this is NOT the effects of Global Warming but what in the Philippines are dealing with and this kind of futility seems never-ending!   Trouble will find us in this world and I do not have to tell you that.

Typhoon Matmo nears northern Philippines

Authorities say the Philippines is again bracing for wild weather, only days after the country was hit by Typhoon Rammasun.

Are the Philippines a haven for terrorism?

The U.S. State Department has considered the southern Philippines a “terrorist safe haven” since the classification was created in 2006. According to the State Department’s 2008report, the Philippine government has little control in the Sulu archipelago and the island of Mindanao. The government has also had trouble combating resentment among the local Muslim minority regarding policies of the central government. As a result, the Philippines is home to a number of militant groups, including the Abu Sayyaf Group, the Communist Party of the Philippines/New Peoples Army, Jemaah Islamiyah, the Alex Boncayao Brigade, the Pentagon Gang, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). These groups have conducted over one-hundred attacks within the Philippines since 2004, the largest of which was a ferry bombing that killed 130 people. The Philippine government has taken significant steps to combat terrorism, but terrorists continue to use the country as a base to organize, raise funds, train, and operate.

But lastly we need to see why the Philippines has something to offer with spectacular venues and breathtaking vistas.    Filipino will go on as that really is the way to handle adversity.   Make a friend today with someone else in the world.

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Mother arrested after 15-year-old daughter discovered weighing 60 pounds, eating own feces

Foghorn The IKonoclast:

This right here. You do not have to go far to see this kind of tragedy and I hope she likes her new jumpsuit.

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LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — A Lawrenceville mother has been charged with child cruelty after she brought her 60-pound, 15-year-old autistic daughter to the hospital.

Jade Jacobs

Jade Jacobs

On Aug. 1, a nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta called police about the unnamed girl who had been brought to the hospital by her mother, Jade Jacobs.

The nurse told police the girl weighed 60 pounds and had bruising on her.

According to the police report, Jacobs told the hospital staff there was an altercation between the girl and her sister.

Jacobs told police the girl had begun to eat her own feces. The nurse said Jacobs brought in an eating plan but it did not appear they were following it.

The nurse told police the girl was eating all she could get her hands on.

The girl had bruising on her right eye and around her left ear, lacerations on her lip and several…

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La Vida Loca San Salvadore Style.

I cannot imagine anyone trying to be ‘ghetto’ and if you take a look at this movie and if you are really ‘ghetto’ then you will probably understand the backdrop to all this pain.  These are pictures from the 2008 movie (documentary)  La Vida Loca’.   These young people are born into grinding poverty and their only release is the cancer that gobbles them up.  VIOLENCE!

And we are not better than they are,  we have been blessed!      This movie is from San Salvadore and you might  have heard of that country because they brought MS-13 to the mean streets of Los Angeles and elsewhere.    The group was started to fend off other gangs who were victimizing their youth.  The result was one of the meanest gangs in the world come to be.

The characters are a sad mix of hurting souls,  looking for redemption in a world that features bullets,  babies and a whole lot of misery.    The saddest part with the girl with the glass eye is that she was murdered just after getting that glass eye and felt a bit better about her life.  She also left behind a baby.  What a damned shame!

This girl liked the murdered girl with one eye desperately seeks acceptance and it is bitterly sad that too many people see them as the dregs, those people on welfare or just gang-bangers.   Does she or any of her friends wish to be poor?   Do they relish the fact that they feel that condemnation every day?     The girl in the picture smiles a lot in the movie and that smile hid a  world of hurt.   The affectations and  her eyes were a window into her tortured soul and who seemed to be a nice person with a good attitude,  all things considered.

And the wailing mothers at their children’s funerals while gang members flash their signs and yet these mothers are not allowed to care?   Is it the choices they necessarily make or the futility of poverty claiming it’s souls?   Or the reward for behaving?

The social worker and the law enforcement officer seem to be their only guidance and their only hope and too many of the LEOs are corrupt.  Some do feel sorry for their people and show it without the malice of too many of our own cops.   Like the black guy who was murdered at the hands of an overzealous prick LEO.


There is a sweet young lady here whose tragedy will be her legacy and more than likely a body bag.   No one outside the barrios will even give a damn.  And the frustrating part of this is who is to blame?

But aren’t we all?  Politicians talk of economic revitalization while we all know this is just a mocking ruse intended to garner votes will paying off corrupt police and perfunctory judges judging them as less than human.   The social worker is burned out and the healthcare personnel patch up wounds that will probably lead to a future trip to the morgue.

And I actually saw a blog that condemned Al Sharpton for accusing NYPD as being racist.   I have little use for that sack of dung and he has a lot to account for.  That NYPD and his accomplices should be considered a dangerous gang.   That is why blacks hate cops and I have seen it in my life too with a girl friend who is black and saw her son jacked up.   The cop was mean to her and she is quite civil.

But back to the movie.   I believe it is a must see chronicle of hopeless.   When people are treated like cattle through the legal system while rich judges and lawyers do nothing to mitigate this kind of tragedy.   There has to be a better way.   Rather than converting hurting teens and young adults into hardened criminals,  why do we do this?   Remember Rodney King?  You cannot tell me he deserved that beating,  regardless if he used drugs and died.   It is just sad.


And this happens a lot here as well.   Law enforcement getting an erection over hurting innocents because they say,  the criminal was being too aggressive.   Cops should treat people with respect and I have seen many cops who are simply wonderful people but sadly too many cops treat people as hardened criminals tazing them because they can.

And before you think that I am liberal,  I am conservative.   Decent people rally around the hurting and sick and so should we.

I remember going to eat at a homeless shelter and I saw a black former Air Force serviceman verbally abused by a stupid latino cop.    I felt his rage and I wanted to lash out at that fat sow.

He complained to me while in line.   I am no judge of the final disposition of one’s life and putting people into neat little categories is expedient but inhumane.    As a veteran,  I served my country and proudly too,  but like the Veteran in the soup kitchen,  I felt his pain as I do the suffering anywhere.

To the suffering I leave this weak attempt to show my support.   God bless you all.

Being There and the 2014 Season

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Being a Razorback for a long time,  I can be irrational and calls that go against my guys is unfair.   I think that is why we are called fans or “fanatics”.    It seems like every time we get close,  at least from the late 60s.  some tragedy ensues.     Clint Stoerner’s unfortunate fumble against Tennessee’s fumble and Reggie Fish’s blunder against Florida in the SEC Championship game.

Oops.   Tenner vs. Ark

At least we secured the title in Basketball due to the great Nolan Richardson and his 40 Minutes of Hell.

With all that history behind us and the technical issues facing our recruiting,  CBB has a plan and JJ Watt has turned out as a character guy for Wisconsin and into the NFL.      So CBB has a plan and it could be one where  defense wins out.    But also it can not…

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Perspectives, Cosmos, Creation

Deja vu?  We have all heard of it but what does it really mean and why the feeling that we have been in some place before? Is it that we just imagine this scene like a weird daydream?

I believe that we live in multiple dimensions all at the same time, but our position is layered or like steps on a stairway. A sequential movie of our own life and surrounding environments.


The possibility of conflicts are possible but unlikely. Any noticeable change would be over a longer period of time with an inflection point that begins a process.    The process of an eventual outcome.  The book ends are the start and finish lines of any event in the space time continuum.

Variations at some small point still direct us towards predestined actions and reactions.    The course of our lives intersect and repel each other,  not really touching as the atoms are basically full of space around it’s nucleus and I believe that nearness is like a foul ball that drops just past the foul line,  registering a hit or a ball that is out of play.


Kind of like a vivisecting Universe that moves slow, so slowly that the sense of awareness of that movement is concealed in the obscurity of little nuances.

As we progress linearly to older age we often miss so many things.  It is harder to not notice Mt. Kinley or the Grand Crayon but could miss a person who blinks an eye or breathes irregularly.   Even more, things at a subatomic level or dimension.

In bowling trajectory is everything.   A fraction of an inch and you get a split is a strike or a spare.  And this is in our own dimension where we live,  work and play.     But at the subatomic level it is harder to comprehend and to control.      The Big Bang may have started with basic building blocks already established.   Superposition.     Perhaps Brane Worlds filled with all the right information and data to succeed in the evolutionary process of a Multiverse.

With all this information about Particle Physics  and the speculative nature of it,  some wish to think that God is a fairy tale.  That immutable and intrinsic force hidden within the folds and waves of the Greater Cosmos.

But the proof of God is revealed only to whom He chooses and I suppose this would stick in the craw of those who out of politics and a skewed sense of science would dare opine upon.


Above is our best guess and if this is really an only an approximation,  then we need to finish the final chapter before we can deduce ‘us’ or ‘God’.