Gate Keepers

Gate Keepers

As we know more about a lot, we master nothing.    We toil and strive and then concede,  ultimately wallowing in the muck and mire of our own personal experiences.   We assume we are patently original,  suspiciously aware of our hypocrisy.    We claim we never lie and if we do then we do.

Sometimes in our youth,  we wish to cheat death or get as close as we can to that.  Impressing others of our bravado and recounting our glory years.    Like the song, ‘Those Were the Days My friend,   we thought they’d never end,   we sing and dance forever and a day.   We live the life we choose,  we fight and never lose,  those were the days,  oh yes, those were the days.’

There was a time in our life, when we romanticized love,  as if we were Romeo and Juliet,  or we might be Bonnie and Clyde.   We would make love as no one else could.   Like a Muse in a Xanadu,  we find our own reality,  as we move gracefully together.

But then something happened.  The Yellow brick road began to crumble and the house landed upon our love.   With a resounding thump and a crash of dishes,  our dreams faded like a late show re-run.

Those songs that inspired us,  were now a requiem,  sad and haunting.   Soon bitterness impaled our hearts and they become like stone.    And instead of skipping flat stones across a florid lake.

Florid Lake

So maybe we find a church ,   with a choir and we sing staid old songs,  as lifeless as a still-born dream.  We are reverent and judging,  but we judge others for their specks,  while redwoods roam in our eyes.

We can’t wait to leave and try to depart as soon as we can and we claim a god of opportunity to an end with no life,  like that old abandoned church.

We hear a knock from above,  wistful vapors of the unseen but our spirit consists of seeing images in an office building and tying meaning to a ship that never comes back.

It need not end this way.   In spite of unrequited love snatching us too early.  the knocks push upon us harder and the message is clear and unwavering.  Though all around are the indignant,  honest, godly church going people who flick ashes upon others.

We cannot find what we assumed was there until our hearts melt for the needs of forgiveness of our own missteps.   The harrowing nightmares we perpetrated on others,   while claiming some kind of victim-hood.

When we realize that we are there,  we will know we have arrived.   Our pretentions are like tumbleweeds drifting on a dusty road.   Yet in that abyss of faith,   we find ourselves trembling but more free.

Remember good is never good enough and if it will be,  it definitely be.  with no further side-slips on that precarious path.


’12 Years a Fraud’: #ElizabethWarrenMovies

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She was beating the free birth control drum a lot today so it isn’t surprising that Fauxcahontas ended up being a hashtag game.

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The Paralytic View – Ismology 101, -Isms and their political intent.

I was reading where George Will was recently fired because of what he said, by basically saying that certain individuals enjoy a kind of sanctuary. Victims to him include those who hide behind that issue, whether it is an ailment, skin color and social orientation.

Those points are debatable but our society has deemed this off-limits. The sad part of that is the fact that free speech is being cut off and it is being done maliciously.

Like George Orwell’s’1984′, “more is less” and the combatants are growing exponentially and they change. The Washington Redskins are a perfect example. The leader behind all of this is decrying the name as racist and it might just be. As I have mentioned before, rape of the reservation is staggering and of course, many blame you and I.

Why isn’t that a bigger issue than a sports teams name? Politics! A putrefied dish of in your face. Like the little kid who provokes others and his big brother bails him out, all the while enjoy the fruits of his labor and finding a codicil in darkness.

It is time we take action. Stop marching and picketing as if this is civil rights. I bet most people do not even consider American Natives(Indians) in their daily prayers and ablutions, rather more a convenient excuse to harass and maim other people’s perspectives. Grow up America! Stop being the world’s arbiter of what is acceptable and what is not.

Stop hiding behind your big brother and fight this battle on an even basis and stop assuming that you are always right. I am wrong often but I do not use my party as justification for my deeds.

There are a myriad of social issues and I think we need to be kinder to one another. Stop trying to be that big brother who seems to be lurking, waiting, like a totem bowl with a ball point pen and easel. That easel is a book of life by people with no clue.

Another Silly Love Song of a Kind


We are like those leaves, once green seeking out the sun and a rich bounty of rain. The cycle goes carelessly on, as the waning sun departs dejected…. disconsolate. What troubles it’s soul? Little by little the changes appear but the problem is not the end, but the here and now.

Do you know what I mean? Kurt Vonnegut quickly deduced our primal stripes and the Freudian yearnings of yesteryear, where our own dominion seemed assured. Protecting a meager pot of Gold, we are like treasure seekers in a Pawn Shop. Desperate to feel alive we draw paintings on our skin in the vain hope of an extension of some kind. The wind does not abate, the scars are etched like the heart of hope of young lovers on a tree, their destiny uncertain.

I love

We try delaying the onset of Autumn not knowing what leaves might fall. Instead we clutch hope as elusive as water in our hands. The imprint we make depends upon us. Now think about it, just before the wind stops and the leaves turn different shades like rainbows in the forest. Meaning that maturity is not a curse.

Meaning that we, as older adults are not unappealing. We live as we are and if anything we are frank and so is our beauty, like the embrace of a mature mate, our hands fitting like Cinderella’s Slippers.

But many of us close the book assuming the end is rather near and why bother anyhow. The larger question is do we sit at home as the walls consume us or do we relinquish of our false notions and bare our souls to a compatible one. Like Eagles nested upon a towering rock we prevail in peace.

Honey frost

I cannot bring flowers to a deserted road and expect them to flourish. I can’t open your door and treat you like the angel that you want to be. Secure not in the number of rooms and a legacy of cash, but the heart-warming togetherness of a single one undivided. Or a Thanksgiving Dinner, when afterward we muse about the dinner but pine for each other.

So, is this you? Are you over 50 and not trying to over deliver? Do you want what you think is missing? I am here, in my late 50s, a songbird flapping my wings to garner your attention. Steadfastly I crave to know you. Plump is cool and wrinkles not a curse because the Princess and the Pea are just fairly tales like skinny waifs and bulimia. Beauty lies deep within our soul and the travesty is not to share it. With you my destiny.

I am not an angel but I will do. The measure of this man is counted as much but the nails I have driven and the tears shed silently behind a wall of frosted glass.

Romance is not dead and passion burns until we let the pilot light go on it’s way. We still have moments to share and places to be, together. So, if you are middle-aged and want a person who is relatively nice and as a generous as I can be, then I am that guy.


Will there be anything else?

What is wrong with you!!   You who know everything and seek anarchy? You seek answers from without but never from within.   That killer down the road (Conservative) is like a paramour of sin,  a particular demon with an unspecified loathing,   that can only be reconciled with a gavel.   You have become a de-facto  martyr, gloming onto gloom and every popular schism of your particular clique.
Bob Gibson

The righteous are we and yet are not.   Our values shift with every variance of the wind and the scouring effects of sand and storm and thus we are left selling elixirs and religious balm.    The Spirit of Truth does not waver and the rules are made by the gist and Holy whim of the Him.   And because He chooses according to his justice and his edicts make us blanche,  we try to rewrite the very mortar of all foundations,  deferring to something that was never meant to be and eroding rewriting reality to a personal journal.

The enemy beats at the gates and we debate equality and what we may be doing,  speeding up entropy and denying rights to our pets.   You are against weapons of all stripes and the stars begin to fall,  one by one.   To you,  the sacred wit of justice for all has morphed into political cliques.

Langston UNK comic

Media expl. 2

You cannot see your own bloody footprints upon the virgin sands and you muzzle expression through politically correct diatribes.   So what I am really saying is that a football teams logo and the teams title is an affront.   Political corrected for you is a lot of one edged swords where lily-livered reprobates dance upon other values and then cries foul.
Gene Gene

Oh and the Washington REDSKINS name is an ubiquitous charade,  hiding the problems on reservations.   Where alcoholism and rape of their own women take a backseat.   And these rapes are at a crisis level.  You hear not one word of resolving what can be and then work on nuances after the real work is done.FoghornForCaturday

Adorable right?

Adorable right?

This is happening now.   Are some causes (gay marriage) as important?

This is happening now. Are some causes (gay marriage) as important?

Racism is used as your strongest vice,  eliciting moral outrage at your convenience.    I will concede that many professing Christians dance and rock and roll and such but only hiding their lack of repentance and that includes me and you as well.

Indian woman,   is this issue more important than football?

Indian woman, is this issue more important than football?

Moreover all these causes you offer not one reasonable solution.   You would rather pin on this on Christians,  ethic groups while the Taliban hangs gays but what do you say to that.     Do you offer outrage or do you go back to your original fallback position. Racism!

And besides what do many of you know about what have not experienced and what are you to do re: Making positive changes.

Note, I do not listen to talk radio and I believe that people are first, not heavy handed politicians who only seek to do for themselves. Solid legacies are sold in the free market and the market that has no Wall Street of their own. In many cases police write their own idea of justice, acting as judge and jury.

I am angry with many Republicans for the nonchalance and ineptitude especially what Vitter did with food stamps, and the recent thwarting of the 31 billion dollars that would be devoted to the care of Vets. And trust me, that 31 billion is equivalent to the minimum wage discussion, so I do know that politics are involved in both of those scenarios, lest liberals think they have some high ground.


So what now? What is the solution to the paradigms that have been skewed just to win elections. The popular thing is not always right. Climate change indeed happens but it is not a political process but the process of entropy is unrelenting.

I saw a movie recently and when a certain person was looking for a ride and yelled out a driver, the driver just drove on past. What did the idiot without a ride say? He called him a Republican, not once but twice! And this kind of political razzle dazzle has a lot of drummers. Many of you worry about people think and you expect people to change just because you want them to and they won’t, especially when they are basically extorted in believing.

So what now? Is this world a result of Conservatism, guns, religion (Christianity) and Rush Limbaugh?


How Do We CHANGE Rape Culture on College Campuses?

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Carly PuchCarly Puch is a recent graduate of Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a Bachelors degree in sociology and women’s studies Carly’s interests are in gender, masculinity studies, and all things feminist. Carly developed an increasing interest in social media and women and work working as an intern at the Minnesota Women’s Consortium. To see more of Carly’s work check out her blog, “Carly Puch: Life Through a Feminist Lens”.

Follow her on Twitter: @carlypuch


I recently graduated from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. My last year at Augsburg I, along with some other amazing women, started a group on campus called Augsburg Against Gender Violence. Our goal was to address what we thought was lacking on campus when it comes to education, information, and resources regarding gender violence and sexual assault. Augsburg College has been a leader on many hard issues, but it does not lead…

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