Stay In Touch my Friend – Crying for Me.

I was happy that I found you old friend.
It was great to hear your voice again.
Like a thousand years had come and gone
and I seldom looked behind me to notice

Amazingly I remember I called you and
hearing your voice as I did
in my youth and you treated me with
the same respect. Like a sentence
abruptly aborted and finished in warp time

You were a mentor, a friend and a musical muse,
you were my teacher teaching and
we clarified our memories in rarefied air.

I felt a breeze blow by one day,
as autumn leaves prepared to nest
and rest upon the earth.

Like impatient tenants going back home
for the winter they met the ground,
their lives like fodder for angry rakes
as winter was finally near,

and in-spite of your troubles, you seemed to thrive,
telling me this was the highlight of your day
when I called you each morning.

In a somber moment Leukemia was playing it’s
somber song and it’s death sentence hit like a gavel.
With no chance for an appeal
I felt your heart grow weaker and your
long life go slack.

but the harp was more insistent now.
with strains of comfort to aid your weary heart,
The skies stretched forth and down.

Like a rope or a chain that came loose
and your ship began to float dreamily by.

It was quite obvious that heaven’s gates
blew open, like a gale at sea
and the cares of this world could no longer
hold you

I saw death’s whirlpool up ahead.
I knew the end was close, I heard it
in the crashing waves, I heard it
in your voice.

Each day you were insistent,
telling me how you loved me,
your now raspy voice conceding.

When that call came, from your family
and mentioned your name. I asked how you
are doing and she said, “She was so sorry”,
my friend has passed away.

“To be certain – outside of belief in the sovereignty of God, we contend that true holiness in thought and in behavior cannot be wrought. The firmer the persuasion, the greater the consequent sanctification.”
The Desert Sun excerpt.

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Silver Alert issued for man missing from Greensboro

Foghorn The IKonoclast:

As I progress through and into my late 50s, this kind of alert is a very good thing to have and I pray with all my heart and his family can sleep well again.

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The N.C. Center for Missing Persons has issued a Silver Alert for a missing endangered man.

Citizens are asked to be on the lookout for Rosco Russell, 73, who is believed to be suffering from dementia or some other cognitive impairment.

Russell is a black male who is approximately 6 feet 2 inches tall and approximately 190 pounds. He was last seen wearing a black jacket and black rimmed hat. He was last seen at 100 Meadowville Lane in Greensboro.

Anyone with information about Russell should call Det. A. T. Mchenry at the Greensboro Police Department at 336-373-2435.

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Tales of irony: ‘Well-known publication’ offers peanuts for essay on labor exploitation

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Sarah Kendzior is a writer in St. Louis, Mo., who has tweeted extensively about the protests in Ferguson. Politico Magazine recently published a three-part series of articles by Kendzior about the Michael Brown riots, culminating in the piece, “Ferguson Won’t Heal.” Being in the right place at the right time has been good for exposure, but Kendzior confesses that her next gig might not be very lucrative.

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Autumn Whispers

I exploded into existence,  as cells merged,  divided and took form.   Two entities morphed into one in what would be me.  I became part of a yet larger world that I could not see a waxy,  bubbly and energetic orb wheeling across the borders.    It was as like a radio station where inside of my universe I heard the strain and the laughter from beyond.   The giggling sniggling breaths and then strings of symbols like a song wafted across the room and into my very essence.

I radiated outward inside my world and was stretching it to the limit.  The sense of uneasiness collared me as another change was moving my world.    Head first I plunged into a galaxy of lights and emotion.   The feelings cascaded from every corner and I too felt the sting of awareness and extremity.

My release was as a virtual shock as light and confusion mixed into a grainy panorama that was cold and now my tiny extremities began to flex,   as I nearly passed out from crying,

I met the personality that housed me,  first with joy and then as puzzlement as her pain signaled the start of life itself.  Me.

As any kid I would play.   Touching everything and experiencing consequences and learning to cope.    Strong emotions shot across the room and bouncing into the foyer where they simply passed like the sun’s.  The two monoliths separated with jagged edges as I grew up.  Towering infernos of irreconcilable differences.

I felt a strange urge, to do what those two did with me,  and it was kind of like those feelings to each other but I vowed never to get to that end.    I was wrong there too.   No easy instructions,  study and toil and consummate joy,  I had matriculated past fading masters with new ideas.   Thoughts that would be born into greatness in one of us.

But even as the power of the Universe slowly fades,  I began to fade.    Others fell too before me.   Like welched up hope cleaving to the sides of sand and then sailing into the aether,  I too surfed to a place unknown.   Quantum stairways without rails.   My steps were sure and my gait tenuous and strong.   The place of lights and mirrors established my footholds and I took a seat,  reverently.

As my life left as an Autumn leave,  I found harmony,  whatever the name.

Major Low Presssure Expected to Bring Significant Rain To Greensboro, NC.

Recently the area across the Southeast and particularly North Carolina has been rife with significant rain and during the last storm totaled over 1.25in of rain in about one day or 24 hours.   The coming event is fraught with a few variables.   Most notably the track of the low expected to move into the western part of the state on Sunday afternoon.   At midnight a few showers were noted in north central South Carolina,  so that will bear watching.

But there is a chance of some snow or snow flurries across the Piedmont due to a coastal low around the Thursday time period.    Right now our current temperature close to Burlington, NC is at 31 where it has been for a few hours now.    That temperature may vary a bit but won’t go down much now as warm air is being advected up towards us and Relative Humidity at 78%.

Being the air is cold right now,  it holds less moisture but the push of warm air from the overrunning warm front will saturate the lower atmosphere well enough to provide conditions favorable for clouds and rain.

The arrival of the more steady rain and a few possible thunderstorms and rainshowers will happen later in the day.  The longer the sunshine and the more moist it gets will aid in stronger convection as a series of disturbances happen along the frontal boundary and the low.    Rains up to 1.5in are possible for Sunday and Sunday night.

A Song in a Melody of Life and These Dreams

A certain sadness fills the air,  wafting gently upward as time and shadows overcome us.

I really don’t know where to begin and I do not know if anyone will get what I am about to write.   What happens when dreams are viewed as by antiques,   with secret heartaches so deep that is like being deep under water with no breathing apparatus? You are stuck in the place where you left off with a new and consecutive reality overlain upon your own life now.

I remember walking down long dark wide halls and light that seems as an afterthought filtering casually by.   In the help room I found a brightly gym like structure with a faded rim with a brand new basketball net.   There were the voices, detached and likewise alone.   Finding a place in the corner or speaking loudly as if under the grips of Meth or coming down off a high.   They talked in psychedelic spurts with straggly hair and a shopping cart.

I remember getting a map,  getting on a bus and riding for a ways before getting off.   The scene was familiar but foreign at the same time.   The sun beat down harshly at times as I ascended the steep slope of a place I wanted to be.  I know of a dove with which I shared the same next.   We cooed in concert for a few years.   Those times were a blessing and their end came all too swiftly.

A familiar vulture landed close by,  stole the fragrance of love and replaced that with a spoon and a pitchfork.  Friends of the Vulture said he was like a Vampire with speed ball wings staring through blurred eyes and a puff of smoke.  My friend lost her way and finding a book she wrote, telling about how she was dying inside without me.   Sad I saw that too late.  Because the damage was far worse than the loss of love but a loss of innocence.

As I scaled that steep grade the signs of blight afar off was sad.   Little buildings posed as houses,  waiting for sale and far few were really habitable.   Then I saw her and she saw me.   An instant gravity tugged at both our hearts.   There was also the spectre of that Carrion with worn off wings and a dragging stupor.  But his jealousy was ignited as she saw the man she loved with all her heart and knowing that I was good for her.   By then she had a child but she was so sad and feeling let down.   Surviving a near death experience with Pancreatic gall bladders.

But in a rush of sameness the feelings came cascading back, breaking down the barriers that held so many tears at bay. As the vacuum drew us and the feelings became more intense.   A virtual world in a place with no dreams.  The mickey that was slipped to her and sent her life reeling into a deep abyss.  Scenes from a Modern Cannery Row

The houses here look a five star motel without the cable TV,  doors that work and community bathrooms that are as dirty as any anywhere in the world.   Yet prospective owners decided on these in the vain attempt to get some kind of shelter and refuge.

When I meant my Lilly,  her virtual youth was ravaged by a broken heart and I assured her that I would change this mess if she wanted it.   I was almost surprised at her eagerness sensing the sharp pain that ate at her hope.   After I departed,  I knew that my life was changing but how hard would the parasite that messed up her life would go to keep her.   I feel part lover and part social worker.   Knowing that a lot of senseless violence and hardship was thrust on her young shoulders.

On the way back to the warehouse/factory like premises where I learned of her,  I noticed a few nice homes that a hardworking person had made,  that in stark contrast to the almost ominous abodes I mentioned earlier.   An area once largely undeveloped became a parking lot of sand dunes and lost dreams.

The next day after talking to the people who would find our new place,  I felt excited and reinvigorated by the prospects of a love rekindled.  The sadness and suspicion was starkly evident and Lilly’s mind was part romance and part sanctuary for us three.


Sitting next to the shanty she lived in, with flies and dirt yet meticulously maintained in spite of that,  I felt resentment turned to hate and although he had his own misgivings,  mine were acute as I saw what he did by the woman who had once showed me what pure love can be like and trust me,  we ran the gamut of good clean fun.

She was rapturous in her thoughts as her soon to be ex-boyfriend seethed as he found me outside of that area where she now but existed.   His anger was sublimated and he began to acquiesce to what he had done and what he did to her.

The new place was not really fancy but it was clean and new and her eyes brightened like little stars conveying the warmth and sensitivity of a newborn or should I say,  reborn heart.   A circle fully completed and the prospects of cleaning the windows of a coffee-stained wardrobe.   The fading memory of ersatz coffee grounds and the fear of attack and hopelessness fading.